How long to become citizen in US also depends on Form N-648 review time.



The disability exception form must be reviewed by the officer and this could increase the time period of how long to become a citizen in US by an applicant who filed Form N-400. The completeness, certification and if the form is signed should be determined.  Within 6 months after submission the form must be certified by a medical profession. For the duration of application processing time then the certified form is valid
until the applicant gains citizenship status

What on Form N-648?

Between the information which includes the applicant’s biographic data, during interview the testimony given and on the applicant’s A-file the information present and information provided on the form there should not be any discrepancies and this the officer should ensure. Also during review the officer should check form if it includes in full the information about original medical condition and also the casual connection with inability to comply with requirements by applicant.

By a predominance of the evidence in a way ‘more likely than not’ the applicant is eligible for the exception should be established by determining whether sufficient information is there in the form.

 Do-not while reviewing

A officer should not give his opinion on the ability of the applicant to comply with the English and civics requirements or in order to conclude the validity of the medical diagnosis assume responsibility or authority.

Just solely since the applicant asked for care from a professional who speaks same language, shares the same ethnicity, culture or either nationality officer should not refer an applicant to another medical professional. If previously it was not recorded in other medical examination or documents related to immigration officer cannot conclude that the applicant is not having the medical condition. If the form doesn’t discuss one particular activity the officer should not ask questions about the ability to complete that activity to an applicant.

Officer should not insist on specific medical, laboratory, clinical diagnostic techniques, methods or tests to be completed by applicant. In lieu of the diagnosis of the medical professional officer should not develop and substitute own diagnosis of the applicant’s medical condition. Diagnosed medical condition of the applicant should not be challenged by officer using questionnaires or tests.

While reviewing the form or during the examination unless facts directly contradict those in the A-file officer should not question about his/her medical care, community and civic affairs, job duties or activities in daily life to the applicant. In order to ask about whether for the medical professional’s diagnosis there was a proper basis the officer must not request to see medical record or medicine prescription of the applicant.  If cases where an applicant seeks an exception from only certain portions the officer should not infer the applicant’s ability to meet the terms with all portions of the English and civics requirements.

Completed Form N-648 details

All Form N-648s which are completed properly must consists of requested information including clinical diagnosis of the medical condition of the applicant and if applicable the DSM code, medical condition description based on which the disability exception is and by the medical professional the date on which the applicant was examined.  

Information whether the medical professional treats the applicant regularly for the stated conditions with indication of the doctor-patient relationship must be described. Also explanation of why instead of the medical professional who regularly treats he/she was certifying the disability form. Form should also state that for at least 12 months the medical condition has lasted or is expected to last. If illegal use of drugs resulted in the medical condition should be stated. If information is known about the cause of the medical condition should be explained.

In order to diagnose the medical condition the clinical methods used should be described in the form. In order to successfully complete the educational requirements for naturalization a description of the effect of the medical condition on the ability of an applicant should be added. Lastly if for the applicant’s examination if an interpreter was used by the medical professional should be stated in the Form N-648.