How long to become citizen depends on knowledge of US history too.

citizen civics test


The civics of the United States which includes the fundamentals of the history, form of government and its principles must be known by an applicant filing for naturalization. Time period of how long to become citizen by applicant is also decided based on how fast applicant gains knowledge of US government. Applicants should pass the civics portion of the citizenship test. When applying for American citizenship online also these tests are conducted. As last part before naturalization tests for English and civics requirements are conducted by an immigration officer.

What is civics test?

In the standardized test administered by an officer out of the ten questions asked orally the applicant should answer at least six of them correct to prove the civics knowledge sufficiently. The officer stops the tests once the applicant is able to answer six of the ten questions asked correctly.  

If applicant provides exact correct or an alternative phrasing of the answer for six of the ten questions asked an applicant passes the civics test.  An incorrect answer or failure to respond correctly to at least six of the ten questions asked from the standardized test form results in applicant failing the civics test.

Am I eligible for exemption?

After admission to US as a lawful permanent resident for at least 20 years of time period to applicant who is 65 years and above of age old officer gives special consideration. At the time of filing the application for US citizenship the age and time requirements must be met. When administering the civics tests to such applicants questions from the three “65/20” test forms are only asked by the officer. From the usual list of 100 questions these test forms only contain 20 specially designated civics questions.

Considerations for test

In choosing the subject, question phrasing and while responses are evaluated the officer administering the civics test must give due consideration depending on each case. Depending on the applicant’s age, background, education level and total time period of residence in the United States the evaluation of civics test should be decided. Also in order obtain the knowledge required the opportunities available and efforts made should be considered. To the applicant’s knowledge and understanding any other related relevant factors is also considered.

Civics and English requirements

Failing in all tests or either English portion or civics portion of the tests after the initial examination results in USCIS scheduling a retest for the applicant. Within 60 to 90 days from the initial examination the retest is conducted. Same forms administered during the initial examination for the English or civics tests should not be administered again by the officer in cases where the applicant is appearing for reexamination. Only in the areas where the applicant failed previously the officer must retest. The officer must only administer the English writing test during the re-examination if, for example, the applicant during the initial examination passed the English speaking, reading, and civics portions but failed the writing portion only.

Officer must deny the application based upon the applicant’s failure to meet the educational requirements for naturalization if an applicant fails any portion of the naturalization test a second time. In the denial notice any other areas of ineligibility also must be mentioned by the officer. If the applicant refuses to take a test or to reply to any of the questions asked an officer should treat it as a failure of the test.

Test results documentation

In the applicant’s A file the test results must be recorded by all the officers administering the English and civics tests. At the end of the naturalization examination officers are required to complete and provide to each applicant the results of the examination and testing except when  a denial notice is given to an applicant at the time by the officer. The results of the English and civics tests are included in the results.

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