Register with selective service before filing US citizenship application.

sss selective service


With selective service all males in US generally should register after their 18th birthday within 30 days time or anytime before he turns 26 years of age. This registration was suspended by US government in April, 1975 but was again resumed in 1980. Intentionally failing or refusing to register for selective service an applicant contradicts his temperament to the good order and happiness of the United States. Also this shows no attachment to principles of the Constitution, no good moral character, and also no willingness to bear arms on behalf of the United States. By registering applicant benefit even when filing US citizenship application.

How to register?

At their local post office applicants can register for selective service, also by returning a Selective Service registration card received by mail or on Selective Service System website online. By calling (847) 688-6888 or at, confirmation of registration may be obtained. As proof of registration the officer may also accept other convincing evidence presented by an applicant.

Appropriate data is transmitted by USCIS to the Selective Service System (SSS) for male applicants between the ages of 18 and 26 in order to assist them with the registration process for those who apply for adjustment of status.

USCIS assists with the registration process by transmitting the appropriate data to the Selective Service System (SSS) for male applicants between the ages of 18 and 26 who apply for adjustment of status. As his official proof of Selective Service registration an acknowledgement that is sent by Selective Service to the eligible male who has registered can be used.

Not registered with selective service?

Knowingly and intentionally refusing or failing to register with Selective service during the legal period will lead to USCIS denial of the naturalization application of an applicant. Before concluding that he failed to register a status information letter and registration acknowledgement card will be requested for the applicant by the officer. Same is the case while applying for American citizenship online also.

Whether a requirement to register existed will be indicated in the status information letter. The applicant’s failure to register was not a knowing or intentional act must be shown by a prevalence of the evidence by him. On behalf of the applicant if process is not completed due to failure on the part of USCIS or SSS then it will not constitute a willful failure to register on the part of the applicant.

In addition to failure to register it will show that the applicant is not well inclined to the good order and happiness of the US in cases where denial notice establishes intentional failure to register. Based on age of the applicant at time of US citizenship application filing and till the time of the oath this determination depends.

If aged below 26 years applicants are generally ineligible. If age is between 26 and 31 years for naturalization applicants may be ineligible but USCIS will give an opportunity to the applicant to show that it was not required for him to register or intentionally or knowingly he did not fail to do so. For applicants above 31 years of age they are eligible. Even if the applicant knowingly and intentionally fails to register, outside of the legal period only the applicant would have failed to register and so would be eligible for naturalization.

Registration not required

With selective service following males classes are not required to register:

  • If aged over 26 years
  • Between 18 and 26 years if age those who did not live in the United
  • Living in the US between 18 and 26 years of age but for the whole period maintained lawful non-immigrant status
  • Was born before December 31, 1959 but after March 29, 1957.
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