Make sure you are ready for process of becoming a citizen in US!

US citizen process


During the legally prescribed period an applicant filing for the process of becoming a citizen in US should show that he/she was and would continue to be a person who has attachment towards principles of the Constitution of the United States and well inclined to the good order and happiness of the United States. Compared to well inclined, ‘attachment ‘is a stronger term and means an intensity of conviction and this would lead to vigorous support of the Constitution.

An understanding and an intellectual attitude inclusive of willingness to be attached to the principles of the US Constitution is included in attachment. Applicant is not eligible for US citizenship if he/she is unreceptive to the basic form of government of the United States, or who does not believe in the principles of the United States Constitution. The main eligibility requirements include applicant’s minimum age requirement of 18 years, to be a green card holder with continuous residence for 5 years minimum and also good moral character. But only if he/she proves faith in US constitution they are not naturalized and can’t take the oath.

Oath of Allegiance must be taken by naturalization applicants in a public ceremony in order to be admitted to US citizenship. His or her attachment to the United States and its Constitution is declared at that time by an applicant. So while being admitted to citizenship its must for the applicant to understand the following:

  • without any mental hesitation or purpose of avoidance he or she is taking the Oath freely;
  • all foreign commitment he or she is sincerely and absolutely renouncing;
  • to the United States, its Constitution and laws he or she is giving true faith and allegiance;
  •  to make the United States his or her permanent home should be applicant’s intention  and also where he or she will fully assume residency; and
  • when required by the law he or she is discharging all duties and obligations of citizenship including military and civil service.

An acceptance of the democratic, representational process established by the United States Constitution and the willingness to obey the laws which result from that process should be demonstrated by the applicant. True faith and allegiance to the United States includes supporting and defending the principles of the Constitution is also important.

So that is why the process of naturalization apart from checking eligibility and reviewing support documents also includes a civics test. English expertise is also checked to ensure that the applicant doesn’t have any kind of language problems while interacting with others and to also be able to live and work in US without hassles. The applicant who meets the requirement of minimum age of 18 years, green card holder for minimum five years and also maintaining residence in US doesn’t automatically qualify. Only after the required background checks about applicant’s character are done the applicant is fully eligible. Once the final interview happens in which the applicant is tested about English expertise and civics information of US only than an applicant’s real intentions and faith in US constitution is known by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

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