Need exception from test after filing US citizenship application?


USCIS interpreters

Due to a disability an accommodation for taking the English and civics tests may be required by an applicant who has filed US citizenship application.In order to meet the applicant’s specific needs appropriate accommodation should be used by USCIS officer. Applicants could also opt to for applying for American citizenship online. For an exception from taking these naturalization tests also some applicants with disabilities may be qualified additionally.

Reading Test in Large Print if required

For applicants who are partially blind or with low vision the latest naturalization reading test version in larger prints should be provided by an officer.

Writing Test orally

Physically impaired applicants should be allowed to take writing test verbally by officer thus causing less or no use of hands. By spelling out words from the writing test the applicant may satisfy the writing requirements.

Nonverbal Communication

Actions like blinking, shaking or nodding of head, tapping, or other effective forms of communication that are nonverbal should be accepted by officer during the naturalization examination.  To answers on the application the officer should also allow the applicant to point and to the civics test if the applicant is not able to communicate verbally allow the applicant to write out the answers. Form of communication should be decided upon by the officer, the applicant, and also the applicant’s representative if present before the start of the naturalization examination.

Sign Language Interpreters

For applicants with hearing difficulties like being deaf or hard of hearing their requests should be given primary consideration by USCIS while deciding the type of accommodation to a person with disability. An English sign language interpreter should be provided for a deaf or applicant who is hard of hearing by the field officer on his or her request provided the applicant doesn’t opt to bring an interpreter of his or her own choice. As required the officer should use any communication aids available for the deaf or hard of hearing. Also the applicant must be permitted to read lips and also be allowed to answer in writing the officer’s questions.

Unable to take the Oath of Allegiance?

Some applicants may find it difficult to take the Oath of Allegiance at the oath ceremony due to a disability or medical impairment. Accommodations to the Oath of Allegiance are also available. For a waiver of the Oath of Allegiance also some applicants may qualify.

1.       For agreement to the Oath language is simplified

For better understanding of the questions regarding to the oath in a clear, simplified language and a slow manner the officer may question the applicant about the Oath of Allegiance. To agree to the Oath of allegiance and in order to understand that he/she is becoming a US citizen this approach will help the applicant to understand.

2.      Oath schedule is expedited

Due to a medical impairment in case an applicant will never be able to attend the oath ceremony a field office should expedite administration of the Oath of Allegiance. Ceremony on the day of examination itself or as an off-site visit the expedited process may occur.

3.      Oath taking with sign language interpreter

For a judicial ceremony during which a court is not able to provide an English sign language interpreter or during an administrative oath ceremony for an applicant who is deaf or is hard of hearing a field office should provide an English sign language interpreter.

4.      Administration of Oath off-site

Immediately after the off-site examination of an applicant who is unable to attend because of the medical conditions Oath of allegiance should be administered by a field officer. Due to worsening condition some applicants who may have appeared at the field office for the examination might not be able to attend the oath ceremony. To administer the Oath of Allegiance an off-site visit may be scheduled for such cases.

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