US citizenship status check available online.



After US citizenship application is filed and once it is approved the applicant becomes a US citizen following other formalities. For one reason or other there is a delay in processing of the application or its denial. Unless the naturalization certificate is received the citizenship status is unpredictable in some cases. Possibility of a US citizen losing the status because of a marriage fraud or any other reason also happens. Sometimes an application could be approved after initial examination but before the administration of oath of allegiance there is possibility of the application being reopened and denied also. The option of applying for American citizenship online also could have been used.

What motion to reopen means?

A previously approved naturalization application could be reopened by a motion executed by an officer if offensive information about the applicant is received or USCIS gets to know prior to the Oath of Allegiance administration but after application is approved. Also without any valid reason for at least two Oaths of allegiance ceremonies the applicant fails to appear.

Through the motion to reopen notification is sent to the applicant after information her/him about the offensive information received or for not appearing for more than two ceremonies of Oath of Allegiance administration. To prevail over the offensive information received or to explain a valid reason for not appearing at the Oath ceremony and in response to the motion to reopen the applicant is given only 15 days time.

The officer will deny the motion to reopen the case and schedule an Oath of Allegiance ceremony in which applicant could appear if applicant explains her/himself about the derogatory information and hence qualifies for naturalization. The motion to reopen is granted by officer and based on its qualities application is denied if the applicant fails to prevail over the derogatory information.

If USCIS has received or gets to know about offensive information about an applicant administration of Oath of allegiance should not be scheduled by them. Once the matter is resolved in favor of applicant only then USCIS must not administer the Oath of Allegiance to the applicant.

Intention to be naturalized is abandoned if to at least two ceremonies to administer the Oath of allegiance the applicant fails to appear without providing a valid reason of good cause. In par with the receipt of offensive information USCIS will consider the failure to appear though the naturalization application is already approved.

Can open administratively closed application?

From the date the naturalization application was closed administratively within a period of one year by submitting a written request to USCIS the applicant may request to reopen it. No additional fees are required to be paid by the applicant in such cases. The date the request to reopen the naturalization application is received by USCIS from the applicant is considered as the date of filing the naturalization application in order to determine the naturalization eligibility. For both approval and denial of the motion to reopen the naturalization application the applicant is sent a notice by USCIS.

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