Time to how long to become citizen in US depends on application approval.

USA Form N-400


After going through the initial process of becoming a citizen in US the main reason for denying a US citizenship application by USCIS includes one or more of the following:

  • Not able to establish lawful permanent resident admission
  • Not meeting continuous or/and physical residence requirement
  • In the same state or service district residence for 3 months
  • Good moral character
  • English knowledge
  • US history and government knowledge
  • Lack of examination

The denial adds to the time of how long to become citizen in US caused due to mistakes from the applicant’s side.

Excluding the above there are other reasons for denial also as follows:

Fail to appear at initial interview results in administrative closure.

If applicant fails to appear for the initial examination for naturalization without informing USCIS a reason for it within 30 days of the scheduled appointment it means that the applicant has abandoned his/her application.  Without making a decision on the qualities of the application the officer will administratively close it if on a timely manner the applicant doesn’t notify.

Within one year of time the application was closed in order to reopen the administratively closed application the applicant should submit a written request to the USCIS. For naturalization eligibility determination purposes the date of the applicant’s request to reopen an application becomes the date of filing the naturalization application. From the date the application is closed if the applicant does not request reopening of an administratively closed application USCIS will consider that the application for naturalization is abandoned and without further notice to the applicant the application is dismissed.

No response to request for evidence.

Officer will judge the application on the qualities in case within 30 days to a request for evidence or for a reexamination the applicant fails to appear or respond.  While analyzing a subsequent motion to reopen the case any written explanation submitted by applicant for failing to appear or respond for an examination must be considered by an officer as an exception.

Application withdrawal

To withdraw the application the applicant must request in writing.  The withdrawal of application will mean no further hearing to the application and this must be informed by the officer to the applicant. Without any kind of discrimination the applicant can submit application again if USCIS accepts the withdrawal. Regarding the naturalization application further notices will not be sent by USCIS. Based on the merits of the application a decision is made by the officer if consent to the withdrawal is not given by the District Director.

Applicant is in Removal Proceedings?

The naturalization application of an applicant who is in removal proceedings cannot be judged by USCIS. Until the final order of removal or termination of removal proceedings is ordered by the immigration judge generally USCIS will hold the application in abeyance.  The procedure to be followed in such cases by the field offices should be based on the advice of local USCIS counsel.

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