Information about interview process after US citizenship application filing.

To conduct examination the USCIS officers have authority including conduction of the interview for naturalization and also to investigate. The interview takes place after the applicant files US citizenship applicationand after biometrics is done. At the start of the interview for US citizenship the officer should introduce him or herself. Then explanation for purpose of the naturalization examination is given and the before starting interview the applicant much be placed under oath.

For officers following legal rights are included in USCIS’s authority:

  • Applicant must be placed under oath;
  • In course of an in person interview they should obtain oral and written testimony;
  • If required call witnesses to court;
  • Additional evidences can be requested
  • According to Field office director’s delegation the Oath of Allegiance should be administered.

Interview process

During applicant’s interview an officer should make sure that while questioning all requirements for naturalization are covered. Information provided in the naturalization application is generally what the officer’s questions are focused on. Any questions that are relevant to the determination of eligibility may be asked by the officer. On all occasions suitable chances should be given to the applicant in order to respond by the officer.

USC interview


The following questions are some that are generally asked by the officer:

  • Marriage history and about service in the military as part of biographical information
  • Time period information and admission as a lawful permanent resident (LPR)
  • After obtaining permanent residency details about absence from the United States
  • History about employment and also the places of residence
  • US history and government (civics) and English knowledge
  • Criminal background if any and moral character related information
  • About regards to the principles of the U.S. Constitution
  • With certain organization about association or membership information
  • Enthusiasm to take an Oath of Allegiance to US
  • Other eligibility determination  related topic

Tests related to the ability of applicant to read and write English and also test about US history and government civics, in most cases unless the applicant is exempted, would be administered by the same officer who conducts the naturalization interview. The naturalization interview and the ability of applicant to speak and understand English might be conducted by one officer and the English reading and writing and civics test might be administered by another officer.

Applicable Law based decisions

On the US citizenship application for each case a legally acceptable decision must be made after analyzing facts by an officer. Based on the regulations, appropriate laws, standard decisions and organization guidance his or her decision to either approve or deny should be taken by the officer and:

  • Relevant legal law is based on The Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) as the primary source.
  • The subsequent regulations explain the laws further and provide guidance on how the law is applied.
  • Within the jurisdiction of the court or legal body making the decision standard decisions have the force of law and are binding on cases.
  • The agency’s policies and procedures supporting the laws and regulations are given or under the USCIS guidance. The primary source for agency guidance is the USCIS Policy Manual.
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