Attend interview with attorney in the process of becoming a citizen in US.

US lawyer


Completing the naturalization process and gaining US citizenship is in itself a time demanding tedious process. So to ensure the legal rights of the applicant are ensured during the interview process applicant can apply to have a representative to be present. As part of the process of becoming a citizen applicant should go through a in person interview. The presence and guidance of a representative, who could include attorneys or any other representatives, may be requested by applicant during the in-person interview. A properly completed notice of entry of appearance must be submitted to the USCIS by the representative.

The applicant must sign a waiver of representation form if he/she decides in case to proceed without a representative’s assistance.  The officer must reschedule the interview in cases where the applicant does not want to continue with the interview without his/her representative. If the representative fails to appear for multiple scheduled interviews officers should consult with a supervisor for further course of action. Applicants also have the option of applying for American citizenship online.

To ensure that the legal rights of the applicant are protected is the main role of a representative. To the questions directed to the applicant by the officer the representative should not answer but instead they may advise his or her client on points of law.

Any of the following could be an applicant’s representative:

  • United States attorneys;
  • Some of the law students and law graduates though not yet admitted to the bar could represent. They are mostly trustworthy individuals who are of good moral character. They may also have a pre-existing relationship with the applicant and usually do not receive any payment for the representation;
  • From organizations accredited by the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) accredited representatives;
  • A person may owe loyalty to accredited officials of the government; or
  • From outside United States any attorney.

Apart from the above listed person no one else can represent a person.

When interpreters are needed?

Cases where the applicant is allowed to take the help of a interpreter either by the applicant or by USCIS an interpreter may be selected.  The role of an interpreter is:

  • To the best of her or his knowledge and ability what the officer and the applicant are saying word for word should be translated. The interpreter should not provide own opinion, commentary or answer to the officer’s questions and
  • At the naturalization interview a copy of the interpreter identification which was issued by the government should be submitted and he/she should also complete an interpreter’s oath and privacy release statement.

As an interpreter a person without interest should not be selected. Also the officer can carry out the examination in the applicant’s choice of language in case the USCIS officer is well versed in the applicant’s native language. If an officer finds that the truthfulness of the examination is compromised by the interpreter’s involvement the right to disqualify an interpreter provided by the applicant is with USCIS.

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