Looking for US citizenship application processing details?



To determine whether an applicant meets all applicable eligibility requirements to become a U.S. citizen USCIS conducts an investigation and examination of all naturalization applicants who file US citizenship application. After filing the option to check citizenship status online is available.

All factors relating to the applicant’s eligibility are covered by the investigation and examination process and include the following:

  • Security and criminal background check completion
  • Applicant’s complete immigration record is reviewed
  • With oral and written testimony in-person interviews
  • English and civics requirements are  tested
  • Disability exception qualification

To conduct the investigation and examination the USCIS officers have full authority. The legal authority for certain officers to administer the Oath of Allegiance and to obtain oral and written testimony during an in-person interview also included under their authority. They also have authority to ask a person to appear in court to give evidence as witness and also request evidence for details about say physical presence in US.

By a predominance of the evidence the applicant has the burden of establishing eligibility throughout the examination. To make a decision on the application the officer must decide any pending issues and obtain all of the necessary information and evidence. For the integrity of the naturalization process uniformity in decision-making and application processing is vital. USCIS’s goal to ensure that the relevant laws and regulations are applied accurately to each case is enhanced with consistency in the decision-making process.

More on background and eligibility checks

The petitioner, now applicant, for naturalization required a complete examination and questioning under oath beginning in 1906. And also his or her witnesses at the final hearing for naturalization in court. In 1940 congress amended the law to include English language requirements and get check their understanding of the principles of the Constitution a provision for questioning applicants.

To determine their eligibility for naturalization today USCIS conducts an investigation and examination of all applicants for naturalization. The eligibility criteria includes lawful admission of the applicant for permanent residence, ability to ascertain good moral character, understanding and attachment to the Constitution, residence and physical presence in the United States, and the English and civics requirements for naturalization through two tests.

After he or she completed filing for naturalization USCIS conducts an investigation of the applicant. Certain criminal background and security checks are also part of the investigation carried out. Collecting fingerprints of applicants and requesting a “name check” from the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) are part of the background and security checks. On all applicants for naturalization, in addition, USCIS also conducts other inter-agency criminal background and security checks. In order to double check details and ensure the data in the application is true the background and security checks are a must do to most applicants. Before the applicant is scheduled for his or her naturalization interview it’s very important that it must be conducted and completed to fully ascertain the details in order to ensure that the right person is chosen to be the US citizen.

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