Filing for US citizenship with exception to continuous residence?

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Eligibility for naturalization with reduces continuous residence and physical presence periods are applicable only for certain classes of applicants in US. In the United States for naturalization purposes the time period spent abroad will be counted as time resided and physical presence in US for such applicants may also be eligible to count time residing abroad as residence and physical presence. Exemption from the residence or physical presence criteria or both could be given to some applicants of US citizenship.

After becoming a lawful permanent resident and before filing US citizenship application for naturalization
, for a period of one year most of the applicants are supposed to have been physically present and resided in US without a break and interruption.

Certain US Government or Specified Entities employees

For employment by or on contact basis with US government those lawful permanent residents who have physically been present in US continuously for minimum one year can file Form N-470 to preserve residence and will not break their continuous residence requirement while working aboard. The physical presence requirement need not be met by such persons. For the required minimum one year period of continuous physical presence as a regular or on contract basis employee working for Central Intelligence Agency can accumulate it anytime prior to filing for naturalization then doing so before filing Form N-470.

As a employee abroad of an American institution of research recognized as such by DHS Secretary green card holders who have filed an application to preserve residence and got USCIS approval for the same after being continuously physically present in the United States for at least one year before get exception from the continuous residence requirement though should meet the physical presence criteria. Exemption from the physical presence requirements is given to those applicants who are employed by or under contract with the U.S. Government.

Certain Media Organizations employees abroad 

As employee of a US incorporated nonprofit communications media organization, recognized by the Secretary of Homeland Security, that broadcast information significantly promoting United States interests abroad the naturalization applicant gets exemption from the continuous residence and physical presence requirements if:

  • Still employed or within six months of termination of employment the applicant files the application for naturalization.
  • For at least five years after becoming an LPR the applicant has been continuously employed with the organization.
  • At the time of naturalization the applicant is within the United States
  • Upon termination of employment the applicant says publicly a good faith intention to take up residence within the United States immediately.
Interpreter or Translator employed in Iraq or Afghanistan

Under the control of Department of State an employee only of or on contract basis with the U.S. Chief of Mission an applicant employed abroad does not break continuous residency during period stayed outside US. This applies to employee of or on contract basis with the U.S. Armed Forces as an interpreter or translator in Iraq or Afghanistan too. For the entire period of absence from the United States this benefit is available but only applies to the continuous residence requirement. The physical presence requirement must be met.

Employed Abroad in Religious occupation

Time spent abroad is treated as continuous residence and physical presence in the United States for naturalization purposes for a religious value organized in the United States if lawful permanent residents go abroad temporarily for the purpose of performing the ministerial or priestly functions of such religious denomination, or of serving as a missionary, brother, nun, or sister. To qualify for an uninterrupted period of at least one year LPRs must have been physically present and residing within the United States.

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