Request action on the approved immigration application today!



Application for action on an approved USCIS application or petition is appropriate for use to request further action on any immigration form application or petition. Also the Form I-824 can be used by individuals who have lost their Form I-797 Approval Notice or who never received the Approval Notice from United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Using this form applicant cannot request for replacement of an employment authorization card, green card or Form I-94. It’s for the replacement of Form I-797 approval notice.

For a previously approved petition or application you can use this form to request USCIS for further action. After filing any immigration form with the USCIS if you have never received an approval notice, though the USCIS records indicate so, this Form I-824 should be filed.

Form filling instructions

The Form I-824 must be completely and accurately filled and ‘N/A’ or ‘NONE’ should be used wherever appropriate.

Part I details:

Information like the family name which is your legal name must be filled. If two last names use a hyphen between the two names. Next you need to fill the complete name of the unit if the applicant or petitioner is a company or organization. The street number and number of rural route should be filled in as the physical address in the space for Home or business address. Next the mailing address if different from the home address then it needs to be filled in. Complete phone number including the area code where you can be reached during the day must be filled next.

Next information about the country of birth must be filled.  Information of country of Citizenship must be filled. Date of birth in eight number formats must be filled. In case form is being filed on behalf of any company the Internal revenue Service tax number of the business must be filled.  If the alien registration number is known to you, you need to fill in else leave space blank. Similarly the US social security number if known to you fill in else fill in ‘NONE’.

Part II details:

The appropriate reason for the request needs to be selected.

Part III details:

Regarding the original petition or application if any information is required you need to fill in.

Part IV details:

Applicant must sign and date the Form I-824 else it is considered incomplete.

Part V details:

If applicant is not preparing form, the person doing it must also sign and date and give his/her Address information as well.

Filing procedure and processing

Along with the Form I-824 the following documents should be attached if available:

  • Copy of the original petition or application
  • Form I-797 Notice of action copy of the original petition or application
  • Certificate of naturalization Form N-550 copy

In case the original application or petition was approved by the Vermont or Texas service center of USCIS the Notice of action Form I-797C will begin with EAC or SRC. The Form I-824 for these should be mailed to the USCIS Dallas lock box facility. If the original documents were approved by California or Nebraska service centers the Form I-797C begin with LIN and WAC and the Form I-824 for these should be mailed to the USCIS Phoenix lock box facility. Other forms approved by local offices, starting with MSC or without the three letter code should be sent to Chicago lock box facility of USCIS.

Along with the Form I-824 you need to submit the Form G-1145, E-notification of application/petition acceptance. The filing fee for the application for a duplicate approval notice is $405 which can be paid by check or money order payable to US department of Homeland security. If you have established the eligibility for the requested benefit the form would be approved and the decision whatsoever would be sent in writing to the applicant.

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