Get to know about tourist visa to visit relative in US.



Foreign citizens seeking entry for a temporary period are issued ‘B’ type of visas by the United States government. While the B-1 visa is for those entering for business purposes, for those seeking entry for tourism or other non-business purposes are issued the B-2 visa.So for a temporary visit for either pleasure or business or a combination of the two, both are combined and issued as a “B-1/B-2 visa“. The validity of a B-1 visa is three months or less but there is a six months validity for B-2 visas.

Eligibility for Tourist Visa

  • Valid passport is required.
  • Once the visa expires you should return to your country of residence.
  • While in America financial responsibility is yours.
  • Conduct and character should be good.

Validity of B-2 Visas may be extended for another 6 months explaining the need for extension with a valid reason. But again the visa holder should prove financial independence for the duration and at the end of authorized stay should leave US.

Benefits of applying are as follows:

  • On behalf of the US citizen a petition from the USCIS is not required for B-2 visa application.
  • At a consulate closest to your residence you can apply in person for B-2 visa by filling form of type ‘DS’.
  • Sponsor is not required for B-2 visa.
  • It’s quicker and easier to obtain a B-2 visa.

To apply you qualify if

  • Trip to US is for touring or visiting a relative.
  • You have no intention of abandoning the permanent residence in your own country.
  • In the forms of family, property or a permanent job you have ties back home. Two 2 ½ inch photos with your passport and a leave approval letter from your employer is a strong supporting document.
  • You are not providing services or engaging in business activities profiting a US employer during your stay in US.
  • Funds for the trip inclusive of travel, accommodation and living expenses during your stay in US must be with you. Else a sponsor must provide evidence that he/she will support if you do not have sufficient financial resources.

Since the medical treatment in US is expensive it’s better to carry health insurance with you for emergency purposes. Single entry or multiple entry formats of this visa may be issued. For a specific time limit or on an indefinite basis also this visa may be issued.

Visa Interview Process

With a digital picture you need to go to the consulate fill up the visa application and pay the fee, the visa interview is scheduled. During the interview you need to take along a confirmation of the visa application DS-160 Form, receipt for the fee paid and photocopy or proof of visa interview appointment letter. Also you must have your passport handy with validity date at least more than six months from the period of stay. Once the visa is approved you are eligible to enter US. If visitor visa is rejected by the consular officer, once there is new evidence to overcome the basis of refusal the applicant can apply for visa again.

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