Sandy storm scares Americans real and live this Halloween!



Even with her Coney Island apartment squarely in the path of Super storm Sandy, Loraine Gore was staying put.”I’m tired,” she told a friend who urged her to evacuate. “I don’t want to go.”At age 90, she said, she had her reasons.  While Sandy claimed victims as young as toddlers, it was crueler to the city’s elderly. After flood waters subsided, Gore’s body was found face-down in her home – one of nearly a dozen New Yorkers over the age of 65 who perished in the storm.The neighbors sought comfort in fond memories of Gore. Some recalled that her favorite flowers were carnations. Gore liked “that they last so long,” Grant said. She paused for a few seconds before adding: “Like her.”

Some were vulnerable because of poor health. The power failure cut off the oxygen supply for an ailing 75-year woman living in Manhattan’s East Village. Her grandson rushed to a nearby hospital to get a manual tank, but by the time he returned, she had died from an apparent heart attack.

Another was 82-year-old Jimmy Rossi. Rossi lived in a beach bungalow and spent much of his time tending to his aging bulldog, Shorty. Known as “Uncle Jimmy” because so many people in his tight-knit Staten Island community are related. He told his son he was going to a friend’s. On Wednesday, his body was found in the marsh behind his house, where Shorty had survived.

And on and on goes the sad stories. Its history now but will never be forgotten. With elections round the corner hurricane did distract people in US affected by storm from it. But with things clearing out people in US are back to normal schedule slowly.

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