Agree that immigration and economy have become the inseparable part and parcel of US?



It’s everyone’s wish and dream to work and live under good economic conditions in a developed country. Such people would first and foremost set their eye on life in the US, always top on their wish list. Immigration is all about this, moving and settling in another country away from home country in search of a bright future and growth. Of course US is a land of opportunity for the deserving immigrants who come and make it big with only and only their hard work and talent.

Proof for damage on US economy

Studies on anti-immigration laws in Arizona are amble proof to prove how restriction in immigration led to slowdown in economy. The Cato institute a right-wing think tank has reported how Arizona’s economy was damaged because of anti immigration legislation in 2007 and 2012. Immigration policy analyst Alex Nowrasteh of the institute has in his report titled The Economic Case against Arizona’s Immigration Laws explained this. The Legal Arizona Workers Act (LAWA) of the state which was designed in such a way that by making life difficult for illegal immigrants they were forced to leave the state. This LAWA forced businesses to be shutdown if it employed illegal immigrants. Thus E-verification with electronic database of US workers was compulsory when businesses employed new staff in Arizona to ensure that they had work permit in US. So the whole hiring process became costly and very risky for Arizona employers.

There was a fall of 15% of newly registered businesses according to studies after 2007 occasion compared to previous year. Situation worsened after 2010 occasion of enforcing the Senate Bill 1070. Using police force this law made life as difficult as possible for illegal immigrants to send them off out of the state. Also because the immigrants forcefully left Arizona as a result of the two laws there were lot of vacant place with no takers and so the property prices collapsed. All this only led to poor economy of the Arizona state.

Making undocumented immigrants feel safe and continue stay in US

Thus may be after a lesson learnt from Arizona State’s wrong policies President Obama announced the DACA policy. The deferred action for childhood arrivals policy which was announced on June 15 2012 by him and the program kick started with the registrations starting August 15 2012. This policy ensures that the undocumented ‘illegal’ immigrants under the age of 30 years and 16 years and older who came to US before they were 15 years of age will not be deported. The eligible youth should be in school or finished graduation and also with good characters and should have no criminal records. The approved applicants get a renewable visa valid for 2 years and are eligible for work authorization. The Form I-821D application fee is $465 in total, $380 for the employment authorization document (EAD) application and $85 for fingerprints.

No fee waiver options until and unless the circumstances asks for, for a limited number. Illegal immigrants under 31 years of age eligible under DACA program already undergoing removal procedures also may apply and should contact detention officer or they may also contact the ICE Office of the Public Advocate. The office’s hotline number is 1-888-351-4024 which is staffed 9 am-5 pm, Monday through Friday.

Positivity of immigration on US economy

About 11.2 million is the estimated number of total undocumented illegal immigrant population in US. The US government expects about 1.7 million illegal young immigrants eligible will apply under the DACA program. As of now about 180,000 have applied of which 4591 applications have been approved. This definitely is a good move in the right direction to the pressing needs of the immigration issue US has. By retaining and employing DACA applicants the US economy is expected to improve and throw in over the next 40 years as much as 3.6 trillion dollars to the U.S. economy.  That’s about $90 billion on an annual basis and about .6% of the national gross household product.

INS N 400 Form

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