Immigration benefits for individuals affected by Hurricane Isaac available reminds USCIS




USCIS understands that a natural disaster can affect an individual’s ability to maintain lawful immigration status. Temporary relief measures which eligible individuals may apply are listed below:

  1. Even when the request is filed after the authorized period of admission has expired an individual currently in the United States can change or extension of non-immigrant status.
  2. Individuals previously granted parole by USCIS can apply for extension or re-parole.
  3. Applications of advance parole and expedited processing of advance parole.
  4. For F-1 students experiencing severe economic hardship expedited settlement of requests for off-campus employment authorization applications will be allowed.
  5. For those whose priority dates are current expedited processing of immigrant petitions for immediate relatives of U.S. citizens and the spouses and children of lawful permanent residents will be done.
  6. Expedited mediation of employment authorization applications; and
  7. USCIS and the Department of State will coordinate and provide assistance to green card holders stranded overseas without immigration or travel documents when LPRs are stranded in places that do not have a local USCIS office.

For assistance visitors traveling under the Visa Waiver Program may visit a USCIS local office and the information could be got from the USCIS website. Individuals may contact the nearest U.S. Customs and Border Protection office for assistance if they are affected by the hurricane and are at a U.S. airport.

Allowing federal funds to be released to local authorities President Barack Obama has declared a state of emergency in Louisiana and Mississippi. According to the US department of energy by Thursday morning, more than one million residents of Louisiana and Mississippi were without power due to Isaac. Isaac is expected to move further inland over the next several days before breaking up during the weekend. Earlier this week the storm killed at least 24 people as it passed over Haiti and the Dominican Republic.


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