Get to know about US 30th President Calvin Coolidge!

Get to know about US 30th President Calvin Coolidge!

Calvin Coolidge became the thirtieth United States President (1923-29) when Warren Harding died suddenly. Coolidge was the sixth Vice President to inherit the presidency. Coolidge was a former Governor of Massachusetts.

His calm, shy personality appealed to the attitudes of the time. His common sense and dry wit earned him a reputation for being wise. Coolidge refrained from giving public statements unless they were absolutely necessary, and when he did, they were short and to the point.

Calvin Coolidge, the 30th President, enjoyed playing pranks on the White House staff like “ding-dong ditch.” His wife was a character too, considering she had a pet raccoon!

Coolidge retired to write articles and pursue private life. Many deemed his economic practices as contributing greatly to the stock market crash of 1929 and the ensuing depression. Calvin Coolidge died on January 5, 1933, on his family farm in Northampton, Massachusetts while writing his autobiography.

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