Get to know in detail about US Student Visa!

Studying in the US is a dream of all students aspiring to reach great heights. For individuals wishing to study in the US, more than 640,000 international students, two non-immigrants visa categories are available. For students who are seeking academic studies it’s the F1 visa and for those students who wish nonacademic or vocational studies they should opt for M-1 visa. On the F-1 visa student can get language training also if they require. Since students don’t intend to stay in the US permanently they are issued non-immigrant visas.                              

A student on a F-1 visa is allowed to complete the course he/she has opted for and in a way tells the US government that they intend to stay only till course completion. They can’t pursue permanent residence. U.S. Department of State is the US government agency which issues the student visas. By U.S. consulates and embassies around the world State Department policy is carried out. So, overseas student applying for visa should deal with U.S. consulate or embassy in their home country. The agency with authority over individuals who apply to change status to student from inside the U.S. is the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

Academic student visa details and types

U.S. embassies and consulates outside the United States issue the F-1 visas. Overseas student applying for F-1 visa should apply at the school they intend to study in and receive the Form I-20 with which they should appear for the interview schedule sent along when they apply for the visa. Once visa is granted information should be given to the respective school. Not more than 30 days before the program start date can the student enter US. The INS forms I-94 issued by the customs and border protection inspector when entering US should be kept safe throughout stay in the U.S. Opportunities for a legal job in US for students on F-1 visa are limited hence the student should be able to support themselves while they stay in US.

F visa are of three types:

1.         For full time student it’s the F-1 visas.

2.         For spouses and children of F-1 visa holders it’s the F-2 visas.

3.         For “border commuters” it’s the F-3 visa. These students stay in their home country but attend school in the United States. This visas holder may study full or part time and are granted to Mexico or Canada citizens only. F-3 visa holders should not work on campus though they may still be authorized for Curricular Practical Training. After graduation only Optional Practical Training may be used.

New green card legislature

Legislation that would grant green cards to holders of degrees in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, or STEM, fields are being backed by several large technology companies. Texas Representative Lamar Smith recently announced that he is working toward bringing the law into action, according to ComputerWorld. Smith said in his statement “[The country] cannot afford to train these foreign graduates in the U.S. and then send them back home to work for our competitors,”

To remain competitive in the global technology market many tech corporations want such students in the United States. Vivek Wadhwa, director of research at the Center for Entrepreneurship and Research Commercialization at Duke University says that he believes the need is even greater because some of the immigrants are being offered better positions overseas after they complete their studies, according to the American Institute of Biological Sciences. The legislation will only include degrees from select universities and it will include a cap of 55,000 green cards to be distributed to the individuals per year, according to ComputerWorld.

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