Teacher pay to be linked to test scores in Ohio

Teacher pay to be linked to test scores in Ohio

In Ohio they’re taking on even broader meaning at a time when test scores are used to determine everything from district funding to whether schools can stay open.

A legislation that partially link scores to what teachers are paid has been signed by Gov. John Kasich.

Teachers have habitually been evaluated by observers who’ve determined whether the instructors are satisfactory or unsatisfactory in not only Ohio but rest of the stated too. By the 2013-14 school year the teachers of Ohio public school districts will be graded and half of this will be based on test scores of students. These results will decide if a teacher should be promoted or fired and also about their salaries. The numbers of years of their career would take a back seat and only top teachers would be evaluated each year.

Reasons for the policy change firstly lies in the state budget according to which 50% of teacher’s evaluation will be determined by student academic growth. Secondly reason is the federal government’s Race to the Top program. Ohio is one of several states that have promised to find ways to measure and prove students’ academic growth in order to receive funds from it.

Third reason is that Ohio is one of a majority of states that have gotten an Obama administration waiver from parts of the federal No Child Left Behind law. In order to do that, the state has had to devise more detailed evaluations for teachers and base personnel decisions on them.

Some observers point out that the new Ohio law could still be changed or watered down before it goes into effect.

What is your opinion?

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