Naturalization Certificate or Citizenship Certificate Replacement

Applicants who need a replacement for citizenship certificate or naturalization certificate can use Form N-565 which can be filed online or through mail. It’s important to use the most recent form version when filing Form N-565 and after completion should be sent to correct USCIS office which is generally the local office with jurisdiction over a specific geographic area.

Why to apply?

Application can also be used to get a replacement for Declaration of Intention, Repatriation Certificate and also to apply for a special naturalization certificate as a U.S. citizen to be recognized by a foreign country.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) or some courts before October 1991 used to issue a certificate of naturalization as proof to one who has successfully completing naturalization process.  As proof that a person is a citizen by birth when born to US citizens outside US a certificate of Citizenship is issued by the USCIS. Some individuals who have parents who became US citizens before an applicant was 18 years of age are also issued certificates of citizenship.

To prove your citizenship both the certificate of naturalization and the certificate of citizenship are important documents. To apply for a passport or if you decide to sponsor a relative to immigrate to the US these certificates are needed. It is important to file application at once in order to replace the documentation if your certificate of naturalization or certificate of citizenship is stolen, lost, or damaged.

When to file Form N-565?

By filing Form N-565 you can apply for new certificate of naturalization or citizenship if you have damaged, lost or either of them were stolen. In case the information on either of the certificates is inaccurate also you can file Form N-565 for Citizenship Of Naturalization Replacement. In case of a name change after marriage or divorce new certificate of naturalization or certificate of citizenship will be issued once you file Form N565. Also to apply for a special naturalization certificate as a U.S. citizen to be recognized by a foreign country you need to file Form N-565.

Instructions to be followed

  • Two identical colored photos taken within the last 30 days should be submitted. They should be passport styled photos taken in a white background.
  • You must write your name and your Alien Registration Number very lightly in pencil on the back of each photo before sending these photos to the USCIS with your Form N-565.
  • The form should be completed correctly, signed and submitted with the correct fees current filing fee is $345.
  • You need to include the damaged certificate with your application if your original certificate of naturalization or certificate of citizenship was destroyed or damaged.
  • USCIS will delay processing or reject the petition if there are mistakes in the application process.
  • You may need to return to the United States to get your new certificate of naturalization or certificate of citizenship if you are filing Form N565 outside of the US
  • For change of name after marriage you need to apply for new certificate. You must submit the original document from USCIS and the marriage certificate or court order showing name change along with the application.

Where to file?

According to the jurisdiction your residence comes under, you need to file at one of following addresses:


Texas Service Center

PO box 851182 Mesquite,

TX 75185-1182


Nebraska Service Center

PO box 87565 Lincoln,

NE 68501-7565

Current filing fee should be paid by check or money order payable to U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Applicants living in Guam or Virgin Islands should contact closest U.S. consulate or embassy on filing and payment instructions. If fingerprints are required biometrics fee also should be paid. Once the application is checked for completeness it will be approved and document will be issued.


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