Get to know the US Passport Renewal Process

An international travel document which is used to verify the identity and also nationality of the holder is a passport. The Department of State in the US is the only authority which deals with issue and verification of a passport. To enter and leave most of the foreign countries a valid US passport is required. Its validity is for 10 years if it’s issued when you are 16 and above years of age. If you are 15 or below years of age then passport issued is valid for 5 years.

Adult passport holders may renew their 10-year U.S. passports, got after you Apply for US citizenship in person or by mail.  We reserve the right to request an interview with respect to any passport application. If choosing to apply in person, appointments are required.

When and how to renew?

If already you have a undamaged US passport which was issued within past 15 years when you were 16 years and above of age with the same name or want to legalize your new name that’s when you need to go for US passport renewal. This can be done by mail.

US Passport renewal can be done at the closest consulate or embassy in case the US citizen is residing abroad. You need to mail a renewal application viz., DS-82 to the address on the form if you are in Canada with a pay check in US currency.

You need to apply in person in case passport is damaged or disfigured. Also if you are financially supporting your child get a passport you must apply in person.

US passport renewal by mail

Application for passport by mail Form DS-82 needs to be completed along with sign and date.

Documents to be sent along include:

  • Passport style two identical 2×2 photographs.
  • Most recent passport
  • Check or money order for $67 payable to US department of state as fee
  • In case of a name change a certified legal document like a divorce decree, marriage certificate, adoption decree, court order must be included.
  • Prepaid overnight return envelope.

Photographs for a US passport renewal application should be taken with a high-resolution in either the conventional or digital printing method without dot patterns. The focus should be on entire face and in the photo facial features should be clear and captured from just above the hair top to the middle of chest with eyes looking at the camera and open. Height of head should measure 1inch to 13/8 inches. From the bottom of the photo eye level should be between 11⁄8 inch to 13⁄8 inch (28 mm and 35 mm). Plain white or off white background should be used. Head gears and prescription glasses normally used by you should be worn for the picture. Natural skin tone should be reproduced in photos, could be black and white or color and printed on thin paper.

Documents and application for US passport renewal all put together in a padded envelope should be mailed to:

National Passport Processing

Attn: Department 13349

1617 Brett Road

New Castle, DE 19720

Within a fortnight you can receive new passport. Most of the foreign countries insist for a validity date of the passport to be at least six months beyond your trip.


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  1. Hi. You can find a blank fillable DS-11 application for a U.S. passport here.

    You can fill out the form, save it, fax it, and email it. Please feel free to use it.


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