Looking for Help to Apply for US Citizenship?

The status that individuals obtain, which allows them certain rights, privileges and benefits and entails certain duties, is what citizenship in the United States means. It works as a legal marker for the right to live and work in the United States and to receive federal assistance and government services.

Why to Apply for US Citizenship?

By becoming an American citizen you earn yourself the right to vote, the right to serve on a jury and also to help relatives immigrate more quickly to the United States. In addition, you get the right to travel with a United States passport and also the right to hold public office and obtain government jobs.


Who Can Apply?

The eligibility criteria requires you to be a lawful permanent resident  and  not on probation at the time of your naturalization interview, also at the time of submitting the application you must be at least 18 years of age. You must have been a resident, for at least 3 months, of the state or district where you are Applying for US citizenship. For the five years prior to applying for citizenship  and continuing up to the time of swearing in, you must demonstrate good moral character.


If applying for citizenship, it is compulsory that you must be a  legal permanent resident for the last five years; else as the spouse of an American citizen, you must continue to be married and have lived for last three years with that spouse until the time of swearing in. You need to have been present physically in the United States for at least one-half of the five (or three) years of residency including period of travels abroad  provided you did not take any trips abroad that lasted for more than six months. You would be asked for support documents as proof of travel. With exceptions only for certain special cases you must be able to read, write, and speak basic English and be able to pass the civics test.  Lastly you must be able to pass a test in basic United States history and government and also be able to take a loyalty oath.

Persons born in the United States are citizens regardless of whether their parents are citizens, green card holders, students, tourists, or illegal aliens. Also, children born to US citizens outside the United States may become a citizen by virtue of the citizenship of his or her parent(s).

How to Apply?

You must submit an N-400 application with USCIS to Apply for US citizenship. Following which you need to submit your fingerprints for FBI investigation and on successful completion of an interview with USCIS you should participate in US Oath Ceremony. Once you receive your certificate of naturalization, you are a citizen and can register to vote, begin petitioning for family members and also receive the benefits of U.S. citizens.

As soon as possible following the ceremony you will qualify for a United States passport, and must obtain one. In case you lose your Naturalization Certificate and you if you also do not have a U.S. passport, you will not have proof of citizenship until you can obtain a replacement certificate using the N-565 form.

Currently $595 is the filing fees for the N-400. All applicants under the age of 75 also need to pay additional $85 for fingerprinting services. If you are a citizen and your child is under 18, you will be able to apply for your child’s citizenship by filing an N-600.

Once the procedures are over, U.S. citizens become eligible for a wide range of benefits and assistance programs offered by the government, including Social Security and Medicare along with rights and benefits enjoyed by long-time legal permanent residents.


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